Dan Shake’s On A Plane!

More spit-shined disco vibes from Lumberjacks In Hell via Dan Shake and the comedic genius we're now gonna call "Magic Marcel."

More spit-shined disco vibes from Lumberjacks In Hell, this time featuring Dan Shake. The artwork for this EP is magic all itself, courtesy of the honored label owner referenced in the A side track “Magic Marcel.” A chorus of soulful angels greets him at the gates of Lumberjack Hell where Mr. Vogel has come to claim his fortune. This almost sounds like one of the early ’00s filtered disco tracks snatched back by a disco don and turned outside-in. The B1 track has the imaginative title “The Bee Won” (it’s fortunate it fit right) and with rough tribal percussion and a driving bassline is far and away the most uptempo jam on the EP. Shake closes out by waking and shaking on “Wake, Bake & Shake” which sounds like The JB’s got a rare day off and spent it getting comfortably high on their own supply.

There are so many people doing disco that make it so serious, frowningly serious. Thank God or whoever they pray to for Lumberjacks In Hell for reminding us that disco is for dancing.

Dan Shake: Shake’s On A Plane (Lumberjacks In Hell)
A1. Dan Shake: “Magic Marcel”
B1. Dan Shake: “The Bee Won”
B2. Dan Shake: “Wake, Bake & Shake”


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