Dionne Feel Da Rain unreleased mixes

They finally did it: some unsung heroes of house music finally put right an historical wrong and released extended versions of dub mix from a thirty year old record called Feel Da Rain. Originally released in 1994 on Kevin Saunderson’s KMS, Feel Da Rain featured vocalist Dionne Warren, best known for the late ’80s classic “Come Get My Lovin'” and tracks from KMS, including 1995’s Images and this one.

The original record contained remixes from Stacey Pullen and Alton Miller but DJs were drawn to the floor-warping dub from D’Pac and Yogi Patel, Toronto deep house mainstays. The problem for DJs was that the “D’Pac Dub” was only 3 minutes long — a Spotify-sized edit uncommonly short for a dance music 12″ in the mid-’90s and unconscionably brief for how good it was.

Collective Rhythm Network have found and pressed that lost original mix, restored to its full length of an ungodly 8:11. It’s a legal reissue, though I don’t think I’d care if it was (Kevin Saunderson of course probably disagrees). This is lost treasure, a really uncut gem of a charmingly unadorned but devastatingly effective deep house weapon. This is straight-ahead, head-cleaner house — you have a good idea where it’s going to go after about 30 seconds and you still can’t wait to get there.

The B Side features a previously unreleased Rhodes Dub, with those piping hot keys pumping Dionne’s warning that love is gonna break your back and break your ass, girl. It’s lively, it’s sassy and you’re going to love it.

Collective Rhythm Network have run a radio show out of Hamilton, Ontario since 1998 and a record label since 2018. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m kind of ashamed to have never heard of them before. They’ve released a few great records here — a 2019 EP from Javonntte called Le Nouveau Riche stands out in particular. By luck I heard this promo on a Monday night at the exact time they were broadcasting on cfmu.ca and was immediately greeted by a record from the great Mike Huckaby and the rest of the set did not disappoint. It was straight fire and this record is too.

⚪️ Feel Da Rain Tracklisting

Dionne: Feel Da Rain (The Unreleased D'Pac Dubs) (Collective Rhythm Network / 12" Vinyl Only)
1. Dionne: Feel Da Rain (Full-Length Version)
2. Dionne: Feel Da Rain (D'Pac Rhodes Dub)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.


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