DJ Sneak: “Getting Crazy In The Ghetto”

Guesthouse Music stands tall with another solid vinyl release. GM is one of the few labels of its niche in House Music still pushing vinyl in the recently overwhelming digital age of music. This release features House phenom DJ Sneak who is still bringin’ it with his signature style of dance floor House bangers. The A-side cut/title track “Getting Crazy In The Ghetto” is a smooth riding jam with some mellow chords running throughout accompanied by a sexy sax sample hook, signature jackin’ Sneaky beats, and some boompty bass. “Ghetto” is my pick of the release as it will surely wreak havoc on the dance floor. On the flip we have “Jack The House” which does exactly as it says. “Jack The House” is a sped up tracky track attack with tough beats, minimal sax ‘n’ synth stabs and a running bassline full of oomph. To compliment this tune is the Jay Haze remix which is in the same vein as the original but with some added piano, new beats, and a rework on the vocal. For those who like to jack, this is a release for you. DJ Sneak is still representing that Chicago house sound to the T, and nails it every time.

Review by Frankie J