If there’s one pleasant thing to draw from the quixotic cassette tape revival, it’s the persistent reminder that not everything made with a drum machine is DJ fodder that has to be torn apart in search of blendable intros and fixed BPMs. How many great songs have been sacrificed because novice DJs can’t handle anything without two minutes to mix into and out of and a shifting beat based on the timing of a drummer’s arm? Though cassettes were often used to save and disseminate House Music (Paul Johnson was the motherfucking master of this, as of so many other things), it serves as a reminder that not everything needs to serve a utilitarian purpose, and some beautiful things can just exist as some beautiful things.

810 is an EP of short (none longer than 3:38), sickeningly catchy synth- and sample-based pop from supervaporwavepowerhouse Business Casual. “Intro” is a work of low-key genius: compressed choral effects with a groove and flourish that brings to mind the aesthetics of Toro Y Moi’s “Les Sins” project. The tracks here have the subtlety of a hell cannon firing salvo after salvo of hooks at you in hope that some of them stick. Most of them do. “Intro” and “Don’t Stop!” are awash in textures and effects, held together by a thin mortar and pestle of drums and snakey bass.

The cassette tape version of 810 was released in an edition of 100; it’s also available digitally right now.