I really can’t figure you people out. Here is a man of worldwide renown, and he’s turning out the best records of an illustrious career and clearly some of the best tracks being made today. They’re not obscure and neither is he.

Yeah, it’s not like they’re being passed over in silence. They’re great. People buy them and write great things about them. Donald Trump couldn’t come up with enough superlatives that people ascribe to Robert Hood’s terrific, wonderful, outstanding Floorplan project.

It’s not enough. The genius of Robert Hood and the profoundly brilliant records he’s making now and in the last five years should be shouted from the roofs until we’re all hoarse. While many of his peers are rounding out careers with questionable collaborations built around photoshoots rather than studio sessions, Robert Hood has quite simply ascended to a new level of industriousness and creativity. And he adds another layer with the split Music/Tell You No Lie, the first tracks to emerge from a second Floorplan album, tentatively titled Victorious. I heard “Tell You No Lie” on a pair of cheap speakers in a basement and was drawn upstairs and above ground to find out who was making this joyful noise. The gospel voices that drive the Floorplan aesthetic are glorious here – radiant over Hood’s full kit of sonorous beats.

I am, obviously, a fan. Floorplan is probably the best thing we’ve got right now. It might not be dignified to gush but I’m going to keep hammering these tracks until this is universally acknowledged. And then again and again until my neighbors can’t stand it anymore.

Out: Late April from M-Plant.


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