There’s something a little off-kilter about each of the four tracks on Parks Perdue aka Intimacy’s Across The Bridge EP, like a cocktail made with whatever liquor you got on hand and it comes out tasting better than you every thought it could. Spiky electro beats get swarmed by swirling synths and synthetic glass on the title track. This could be the theme song for the coolest throwback Netflix series yet. I wrote that before hearing “Angelo’s House,” which actually does sample a TV theme — Angelo Badalamenti’s theme for Twin Peaks. “Datalore66” is another wild genetic experiment, taking pretty rote techno and giving it a dazzling psychedelic twist. For some reason this one stood out as especially inspired — ecstatic for dancers in deserts or deserted urban enclaves, it’s machine music in the most poetic sense (and fittingly doesn’t fade out so much as winds down). It blends almost preternaturally into “Eternal September” which is one of the most beautiful electronic tracks I’ve ever heard. They shouldn’t work together. None of this should work at all but it does.

Intimacy: Across The Bridge EP / Bouquet Records (July 10 2020/12″ Vinyl)
A1. Intimacy: Across The Bridge
A2. Intimacy: Angelo’s House (50 String Mix)
B1. Intimacy: Datalore66
B2. Intimacy: Eternal September



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