Overthinking Jamie xx & Honey Dijon’s “Baddy On The Floor”

Harold Heath has questions.

Jamie xx and Honey Dijon’s “Baddy On The Floor” is one of those tunes that caused me to overthink.

Questions raised by it include:

1. Is there a longer version with a decent-length intro?
2. Do I really like it or do I just know that if I get a chance to play it anywhere over the summer months it’s likely to blow the room up?
3. Is it my ears or does the main horn sample drift slightly out of pitch towards the end?
4. Are those bits at the end of the 16 bar sections where the music drops out and a male voice says something like “Don’t stop until the drop drops” obvious and cheesy or just another part that’ll make people go crazy on the dance floor?
5. How cool is what they do with the bass notes under the horn riff? Kind of like changing the root note right?


1. Don’t know, hope so.
2. Both: I really like it and can’t wait to bust it out somewhere dark and hot.
3. Think so, see what you think.
4. Again, both, and
5. Yep, pretty cool. Potential summer anthem in waiting. 

⚪️ Baddy On The Floor Tracklisting

1. Jamie xx feat. Honey Dijon: Baddy On The Floor (3:42)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was not submitted as a promo.


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