Javonntte: … To France

Sounds of the City continues its unprecedented rise with a new classic from Javonntte.

I have to take a breath here because what I just heard is a modern classic, track of the year nominee and easily one that’s gonna stick with me for a long, long time. I’m speaking of “Fantasy,” the lead track on Javonntte’s irresistible EP from Sounds of the City. I’ve heard people say this is a rework of the classic “Fantasy” by Cassio Ware and Blaze – I hear it, but it’s not that distinct at all. If this is indeed a rework, Javonntte proceeds according to a path that I would have presumed to say is exactly wrong but turns out to be a so correct it’s a masterpiece. Rooted in soul, “Fantasy” seems to take flight every eight seconds, like a serialized drama that ramps up to a cliffhanger every few pages to keep you reading. Except this is music, and the effect of this is to peel dancers off the floor by the time you blend out of this ethereal, almost weightless seance. Truly a new classic.

The B-side features the fuller, chunkier “Late Night People” and the junkyard jack boogie of “MRDJ,” which individually could have been the nucleus of two more thrillers. Not surprisingly this sold out at Juno in less than two weeks. Track down a copy now and hope you get it by summer.


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