Jennifer Hudson, R. Kelly, Wayne Williams and Terry Hunter. What do these legendary names all have in common? Well, the obvious answer is Chicago, but I bet you NEVER would have uttered “House Music” as your answer! The latest single from Jennifer Hudson’s third studio album (untitled as of yet) features none other than Chicago mega-star R. Kelly! And, thanks to Terry Hunter’s production and Wayne Williams’ industry savvy, Soulful House Music/Disco has planted TWO FEET into musical mainstream around the world!

From J. Hud’s debut of the single on the 2014 B.E.T. Awards show, to the impromptu appearance/performance by R. Kelly himself at this year’s 24th Annual Chosen Few Old School Reunion Picnic, this single is off to a running start! For Disco fans, it’s a “10 out of 10” – and for House music lovers, trust me on this one!! Chosen Few DJs Terry Hunter and Wayne Williams collaborated together to construct the musical canvas onto which this masterpiece has been brilliantly painted. The end result: the reunion of Disco & House, with enough Pop appeal to break down all of the sub-genres of today’s music. I think the last time a major artist/major label made this kind of noise, it was Madonna herself.

My only hope is that more popular artists follow suit – and do it properly! And if you haven’t heard “It’s Your World” by now, you should consider buying yourself a functioning radio and/or TV, because it’s available for listening & viewing EVERYWHERE!



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