I THINK IN THREE YEARS we will have a drastic shift in music as we know it… We all know everything comes in cycles so I predict more well written and produced projects with more diverse and hungry artists. Or maybe it’s just what I wish would happen.

Terry Hunter, T’s Box Records


What The Future Looks Like: 12 predictions by 12 industry insiders on the future of dance music:

Joey Negro: “Writing a decent song is still pretty hard, despite all the new tech we’ve been given.”
John-Christian Urich: “It seems like it could be corny, but it’s not. It works.”
Joe Shanahan: “It will be as it always has been for decades: about community.”
Mark Farina: “Good music will still be good music and bad will still be bad.”
Roy Davis, Jr.: “Streaming avenues will become a major source of income for most artists, if done correctly.”
Mark de Clive-Lowe: “We can’t be more than a few years away… from the average consumer not owning any music at all.”
Rees Urban: “Things will come full circle back to the underground mentality sooner than later…”


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