Chuck Roberts

Widely considered the “voice of house music” for his iconic 1987 sermon on black wax, Chuck Roberts is slated to appear on a new track from UK producer Lempo.

“Open House” features Roberts delivering a vocal similar to the 1987 Rhythm Controll release “My House,” which told the world the story of Jack and was frequently dropped over “Can You Feel It” by Mr. Fingers:

Chuck Roberts and Lempo share writing credit on “Open House,” which is produced by the latter and slated to release on August 14. The track has been signed to Force of Habit, sister label to Black Hole Recordings.

“House music has always served a higher purpose of uniting people from all ages, races, genders and sexualities,” Lempo says in a release. “That is what we preach on this record, the house party is open to all walks of life – no discrimination, just good vibes.”

Chuck Roberts returned to the spotlight after an impromptu performance at the 2017 Chosen Few Picnic during Terry Hunter’s set. “That appearance has since created a tsunami of press, a busy tour schedule with Terry Hunter as well as an updated track with Monique Bingham’s vocals,” 5 Mag’s Czarina Mirani wrote.

Photo: provided.