It’s a shame “Organic House” already exists, albeit as a slightly nebulous sub genre invented by a download store.

I say this because the music found in that particular Beatport section is decidedly mechanical, compared with the warm, earthy sounds made by Swiss musician Kalabrese. His music, increasingly, sounds like a live jam session, and I mean that sincerely as a compliment, especially in this antiseptic digital era.

His new album Let Love Rumpel Part 1 brings memories flooding back of improvised sessions I used to play with a house full of fellow musicians on a Sunday afternoon in my university days. We didn’t sound anything like as good as this, of course, but the feeling of friendship, fun, of sharing a groove and making it up as you go along — that feeling is all over this record. And it makes me so happy. If you’re not averse to having fun with music, it’ll surely make you happy too.

“Rumpel” in German means “rumble” and as the notes that accompany this LP state, “Kalabrese lets it Rumpel.” Taking in elements of disco, house, soul and funk, this record sounds charmingly rough and homespun too — all the groove structure of electronic music, but made almost entirely on analog instruments. Make no mistake though, it takes a lot of skill and musicianship to make music that sounds this relaxed, loose and effortless.

“Don’t forget to smile, rock your kitchen floor” say the lyrics of opening track “Pain a Rollin Away” — words which set out Kalabrese’s manifesto early on.

“During this difficult time” says the artist, “I wanted to create a world that exudes warmness and confidence for anybody. Not a heavy-headed overly-intellectual album. Just driving good-hearted songs… songs that give you the opportunity to close your eyes and to move onto a bittersweet ground full of haunting and to gently bump your hips so that you start to dance and dream.”

Give this album your time and I’m sure you’ll agree with me: mission accomplished. Part 2 is coming this autumn, but until then, enjoy yourself some Rumpel!

Kalabrese: Let Love Rumpel Part 1 (rumpelmusig / October 2021 / 2×12″ Vinyl / CD / Digital)
1. Kalabrese: Pain A Rollin’Away (08:01)
2. Kalabrese: Nimm Mini Hand (with Rumpelorchester) (06:05)
3. Kalabrese: Last Drive (with Lapcat) (06:54)
4. Kalabrese: Fleischchäs (feat. Tillmann Ostendarp) (05:25)
5. Kalabrese: Above Everything (feat. Palma Ada) (07:02)
6. Kalabrese: Unter Strom (feat. Mr. Laboso) (09:24)
7. Kalabrese: Soda (feat. Lara Stoll) (06:06)
8. Kalabrese: Farben Am Himmel (07:37)
9. Kalabrese: Sitting on a Cornflake (06:28)
10. Kalabrese: Disco Kalkbreite (10:18)
11. Kalabrese: Autumn Wind (08:24)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record submitted as a promo on behalf of the label.



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