Long Island Sound Nowhere But Here album artwork

Long Island Sound is the mysteriously chosen (and nearly ungoogleable) moniker for the Irish duo Timmy Nolan & Rob Roche whose debut on Signs of Space we covered back in early 2019. With a love of gritty breakbeats, their music plunges between genres that usually only intersect on an adventurous DJ’s turntables, from heady IDM, ambient and tech house to the streetwise sound of ’90s and early ’00s breaks.

They’re very good at writing melodies and melodic electronic music in general, though their latest EP, Nowhere But Here, shows Long Island Sound at their best when they blend deep house vibes with their shake’n’bake breaks. The title track is pure, energized euphoria, looping through zodiacal dust clouds to the steely percussion of “Cosmic Spring.” “Delay Talk” is a fascinating romp through some characteristically icy DX-7-style soundscapes, probably last heard on a tape of crunchy New Age music. These guys have dibs on an eclectic sound palette that lends itself to both meditative and lively dance music.

Long Island Sound: Nowhere But Here (Signs of Space / July 2020 / 12″ Vinyl)
1. Long Island Sound: Nowhere But Here (05:40)
2. Long Island Sound: Cosmic Spring (06:21)
3. Long Island Sound: Delay Talk (06:08)
4. Long Island Sound: Missing You (06:30)



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