Magic Wand Edits Vol 12 (Magic Wand)

Four tracks, four remixers as Magic Wand reaches volume 12 of their irresistible disco edit series.

It took me about seven clicks to find the artwork for a record I should have just taken a photo of with my phone. Is there anything weirder than pirating a record of disco edits? It’s ten fucking bucks, and with many on the margins of legality to begin with it’s not as if they’re selling a thousand records per pressing.

Magic Wand have now reached volume 12 of a series that demands more attention than they’ve gotten (and they haven’t been neglected out there). Four tracks, four remixers including Stupid Human’s exquisitely cut-up and reshaped “La Grenouille,” Mushrooms Project’s giallo movie homage “Capeesco Mina” and the mellow gold “Buenos Sencillos” by The Two Mamarrachos.


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