Various: Midwest Collective Vol 7

Enduring a sad hiatus, one of the best synthwave labels returns with a new compilation for 2017.

I’m late, and time isn’t waiting on me, but I had to pass notice on this provocative compilation from my neighbors at Midwest Collective.

Volume 7 of the Various Artists series of LPs marks something of a comeback after a fairly sparse release schedule over the past two years. Midwest Collective broke some of the best records in synthwave and served as a kind of career incubator for a number of artists (most importantly, I think, Florida-based “Home”).

Volume 7 is “Name Your Price” – free if you want it to be – featuring 11 tracks, mostly under 4 minutes and primed for discovery. “Deep Face” by slowski is all chill waves pooling around a sweet, almost bittersweet sort of melody. Only 2:11, one would hope there’s more to this. A few tracks push the boundaries of the label’s trademark sound – Broodes’ “Make Believe” sounds like listening to Burial on a system that’s been redlined into the fucking grave, for instance – but I kept returning to the “Deep Face,” “Black Mirror Reality” by Golden Living Room and the downright house-y “Glowin” by Kyross.

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Various: Midwest Collective Vol 7
1. slowski – Deep Face (02:11)
2. Glamour Shots – after touch (04:04)
3. Broodes – Make Believe (05:25)
4. Noö ☾ene O’Neal – ℒ⊛ร✝ ☾onnection (04:32)
5. Golden Living Room – Black Mirror Reality (04:04)
6. Metallic Clouds – Oceans (03:44)
7. Kyross – Glowin (03:37)
8. Elvira – this loneliness (03:02)
9. Shark Anthony – All Of My Hate (For All Of You) (05:04)
10. tuuwa – trouver quelqu’qun (02:18)
11. tuuwa x Lewpz – I Can’t Hold Back (03:02)