Super eclectic electro from Organic Analogue, the people that are putting raw and mean electro back on the map. The first half sounds like tracks from various early 1990s techno records spliced together. There’s a bit of Aphex and a bit of Derrick May in the opening tracks, and not in the way that there’s a bit of Aphex or Derrick May in everything. I mean this is like taking a family tree and erasing everything but the trunk. “Q Express” is hectic and gets close enough to smell the burning silicone on its breath. “Ziberterai” seems to glory in pounding machines until they scream. This might sound harsh, but this is all fairly danceable and in no way more extreme than anything your techno heroes made before they all started dressing like interior decorators. “Fline,” for instance, wails like a Plus-8 record – maybe a distant relation of Speedy J – before going off to those dark corners and seeing what else is interesting. “Polynana” is so mellow it nearly coos at you.

This is probably one of the most challenging but most wonderful records I heard in 2016, and I think I’m going to hold everything up against it.


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