Point G: Classics and Unreleased Jams

Classics and Unreleased Jams is another encore performance in the continuing reappraisal and celebration of DJ Gregory and the material of his Point G alias.

There hasn’t been a more inexplicable but delightful story than the resurgence of interest in the music of Gregory Darsa. His Point G alias has been taking most of the bows but it’s a well-deserved curtain call all the way around, as Gregory has quietly toiled for decades, filling sets and making other people famous for playing records they were sometimes all too reluctant to share.

Classics and Unreleased Jams is another encore performance, this time from French label Minibar and featuring a lovely selection of some of Gregory’s better releases mixed in with obscurities and trivialities.

“Chicken Coma” leads off (fitting as the “Unreleased Pass” was maybe the spark for this reappraisal and appreciation for Gregory’s Point G material when it was released backed with “Confusion” on Franck Roger’s Real Tone Records in 2012.) Three of the four tracks from Point G’s The Raw 1997 release appear here, with “Chicken Coma” followed by “Jean-Claude” and “Sous Pression.”

Other than an edit of “Mister Dallas” by Cabanne, this is collection is faithful to the original tracks (or at least the ones that were released before), from soaring jams like “Sous Pression” to the more dirty drum-driven groovers that seem to have caught the ear of DJs lately, like “Sun 2” and “Busy.”


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