Ramona Yacef Latiku album artwork

Four DJ friendly tracks from Ramona Yacef, an Italian DJ who recently started up the Lescale Recordings imprint. “Lakitu” is a quiet, sophisticated tech track with a lively groove. It’s entirely too tempting for producers to dump a ton of effects on tracks like this in an effort to “make something happen” — but it’s a temptation that Yacef resists. Thurman’s remix gives it a vibrant techno rinse that drops out in the middle. There’s also a playfulness here that’s more apparent in the remixes — the tracks “Lakitu” and “Toadette” are references to characters in Mario Kart and there’s some kind of highly deformed samples embedded like easter eggs in the mixes too. A solid start for Lescale.

Ramona Yacef: Lakitu EP (Lescale Recordings / November 2020 / Digital)
1. Ramona Yacef: Lakitu (6:33)
2. Ramona Yacef: Lakitu (Bassam Remix) (7:18)
3. Ramona Yacef: Lakitu (Thurman Remix) (6:34)
4. Ramona Yacef: Toadette (6:54)



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