The first Big Saldo’s Chunkers EP from 2020 really did the business so I was disappointed to hear that the main track here features a saxophone honking all the way through it. I know there are some good sax house tracks but as a rule records like this just make me think of those awful bars in East London where they get a white dude with dreads to play bongos and a blonde woman who’s never been in a club after midnight to play the sax over some hapless beige house DJ’s set.

However, the other two tracks — “Downtown” and especially the pick of the bunch “Nasty” — are unashamedly firing, OG house. Made of just raw beats and bass with little sample snippets tucked in here and there they will, I imagine, will be hugely effective on many dance floors. There’s not a single original idea in either of these tracks and that doesn’t matter a bit because sometimes you don’t need your records to be clever, progressive or ground-breaking, sometimes you just need them to do exactly what the dance floor expects, to sound exactly like everyone expects a proper house record to sound like, and to make your dancers get their heads down and get into it. That’s what jams like this do. Now please do us a sax-less dub of the main track, because those beats are tight.

Sally C: Big Saldo’s Chunkers 002 (Big Saldo’s Chunkers / 12″ Vinyl / Digital)
1. Sally C: Give It To Me (07:09)
2. Sally C: Downtown (05:22)
3. Sally C: Nasty (05:35)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.



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