Your favorite northside club is behind your new favorite label.

“Northside ’82” is the year SmartBar opened its doors and its general location, and it is also the title of the new record label. Curated by Music Director Marea Stamper and Argot/Tasteful Nudes’ Steve Mizek, Northside ’82 was created to share music by the SmartBar resident corps, among them the artist behind their first release, Ike Release.

One half of Innerspace Halflife with Hakim Murphy (of which we’ve been great fans), Ike’s label debut, Dance Equations, is thoroughly bumpin’ – three tracks of driving and melodic House and Techno, particularly the title track and “Bijou.”

This is not SmartBar’s first foray into black wax. Starting in late 2002, the club operated Area DJ which was on a monthly release schedule for awhile and dealing cuts from local heroes like Miles Maeda, Colette and Johnny Fiasco, among others.

Dance Equations drops on vinyl on July 3 2015 and digitally on August 14. The socials: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud


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