time travel synthwave singles

Such is the nature of this music that I’m not even certain who made this. Synthwave Singles is a 15 track album, a stupefying collection of candied hooks and grooves and music for people who like to drive fast and die young. This is a technicolor world, idealized and highly stylized and while there’s a nagging thought in the back of your head that this can’t be real, it’s still a wonderful place to explore and walk around in. “Night Pursuit” is a kind of muffled introduction to this: I don’t know from where you start or if there is one, but this is as good a spot as any. “Miracle” slows it down in a somber, somewhat bittersweet power pop ballad. The music here feels really thin – I’m not sure if this is a function of style or technical limitation but it sort of fades into the background, like wallpaper. Likewise, if there’s an overall concept it’s not apparent, but the similarity in style and the producer’s fairly distinctive voice holds it together as well as any OST.


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