Out of the blue, Lone dropped a track just as the year was winding down and it may make all of the bullshit of 2023 worth it. “Triton” just leaps out of the speakers and gives you a shake — five and a half minutes of jumping, vibrant futuristic funk, like 4/4 UK Garage drenched in the neon glare of the Blade Runner universe. This is intended as a “companion piece” to Lone’s earlier track, “Waterfall Reverse,” which was released in October, similar in its “twists and turns and hopefully takes the listener on a mad journey.” The artwork matches the music: it reminds me of the indie films released around the turn of the millennium when experienced directors began to experiment with possibilities of the then-new digital video cameras. Like the music, things burn into one another, lights trail and illuminate new horizons, there’s a dreamy quality that feels both disorienting and incredibly true to life.

Greco-Roman has put out the two tracks — “Triton” and “Waterfall Reverse” on a single 45rpm 12″ record; digital and vinyl are both out now.

⚪️ Triton Tracklisting

Lone: Triton (Greco-Roman / 12" Vinyl / Digital)
1. Triton (05:37)
2. Waterfall Reverse (07:12)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was not submitted as a promo.


5 Mag Issue 211
Out January 2024

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