A record with more history than that dodgy bass amp you bought on Craigslist. From Chicago’s legendary Clubhouse Records, the original “Are U Sleeping?” circulated in the early 1990s with a crazy Mike Dunn remix and a full set from the Chi-IL remix team of Hula & K. Fingers. It received a new and unexpected lease on life through a series of crafty remixes from Stonebridge & Nick Nice, Grant Nelson (whose Bump & Flex mix some people rate highest of all) and finally Todd Edwards.

Bringing everyone to church, this is the first Todd The God record on here but it won’t be the last. His edit of “R U Sleeping” (they went Full Prince with the title at some point) is the quintessential Edwards remix of this period – lo-fi drums, a thump and a bump and chopped up vocals serenade one another from the front and back of the cathedral.



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