Seeker of unquantifiable sound, producer AIMES is back with a tantalizing new release on his Wonder Stories imprint. A Star In The Sky is a new six track EP that Juno has elected to label under “Disco/Nu Disco” because “Brutalist No Wave Off-Kilter 8-Bit Acid House” isn’t in their database. Yet that’s the best way to describe some of the more outré moments from A Star In The Sky, backed with “We Are Eternal” and remixes from Hardway Bros, Massimiliano Pagliara and Que Sakamoto & NT.

AIMES is the production moniker of Aman Ellis, a multi-disciplinary musician who began writing and producing his own music as a young teenager in his parent’s basement. In 2011 he started Wonder Stories Records, which has released his own music framed by records from our man DJ Rocca, Macaulay and more.

Listen: #StayHomeDisco – Aimes April 2020 Mix

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🔴 Aimes April 2020 Mix Tracklisting

1. RomDos – Everywhere You Look
2. Kasper Bjorke – Venetian Blinds
3. Thomass Jackson – Cowbells and Temples
4. DJ T. – Remish
5. Theus Mago & M oderna – Pesos Not Besos – Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s Remix
6. Warehouse Preservation Society – Freak Shit
7. Mordisco – Odissi
8. Mula – Anata Groove
9. Durand – Red Nist
10. Kalipo & Local Suicide – Dominator
11. Roman Flugel – Garden Party
12. Q&A – Trap Door

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