In a brief statement, Paxahau — the organizers behind Detroit’s annual Movement festival — have announced that the event “will not happen in May 2021.”

“We have been looking forward to reuniting with all of you on Memorial Day weekend, but the ongoing pandemic and state regulations have led us to the painful realization that our beloved Movement Festival will not happen in May 2021,” a statement posted on the Movement website reads.

“We appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate our way through these challenging times and difficult decisions. Our team is working hard to provide updates about future dates and ticketing options. We will be in touch next month with more information.”

Paxahau acknowledged those who have been holding tickets for the festival (the tickets were purchased for the 2020 event, mind you), saying “your unwavering support will not go unnoticed. We promise that we will always look out for your safety and will work to bring you the greatest experience possible when we can all gather again in Techno City.”

The saga of the 2020 Movement Festival is something of an avatar for the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic in America over the last year. Originally scheduled for Memorial Day weekend in May, Movement 2020 was initially postponed until September 11, 12 and 13, 2020. The rescheduled dates appeared to be overly optimistic as the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the United States. Tickets for the original date were carried over to September, and then to 2021.

As we noted in our original story, public officials in March of 2020 were then forecasting an “8 week lockdown.”


  1. Pathetic decision. Never go for a hike, a bear could attack you. Better not get in the ocean either, you could drown. How is it possible that a voting majority in a state can have a collective IQ low enough to elect Whitmer? I guess Detroit ain’t coming back any time soon. Move it to Miami, reason exists in Florida.

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