Eddie Niguel - photo by Melissa Han

“I have a personal policy of ‘music first and not genres,'” Eddie Niguel once told 5 Mag, “so it can be anything from deep house to techno and everything in between. If I’m feeling it, I’ll put it out.”

That credo is showcased along with a half dozen artists’ sounds on The Other Side Vol 1, a new compilation series from Eddie Niguel of Singapore’s Integrity Records.

The new series also wraps up the label’s previous collaborative series, We Are Friends.

Among the highlights here is the slow-burner “As Far” by Miles Ellis and Niguel’s own “Deeply Rooted”:

The Other Side is out on November 21 2019. Pre-order on Bandcamp.


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Artist: V/A
Title: The Other Side Vol 1
Label: Integrity Records
Release Date: November 21 2019