Growing up in Ibiza under the influence of her father Joan Tur, the founder of Ibiza Global Radio, Anna Tur‘s life has always been deeply intertwined with electronic music.

Her personal passion for creating and sharing her perspective on the music was taken to the next level in 2010, when her own artistic career began and her sound was spread to the rest of the world. With the island’s identity as a vital part of her creativity, Anna’s mixture of house grooves and melodic techno inspires attention on the dance floor and transmits the energy she knows and loves.

Anna’s influence on the scene extends beyond her own musical expression, with her role as the Managing Director of Ibiza Global Radio TV connecting her to industry legends, and her label Illusion Music opening the door for new talents. As a distinctive figure in the ever-evolving Ibiza scene, Anna Tur will surely continue to make an impact on her native island and beyond.

Nice to meet you Anna, how are you? What is currently new & exciting in your world?

Well, summer has just finished in Ibiza. It’s been stressful and busy of course, but like every year it’s been full of energy and good times also. Passion and enthusiasm is (generally!) at the heart of everything I do so that usually drags me over the line in the end. I always find the end of the season to be a bit of a time for reflection, a time to look back about what went right and what went wrong – and of course, to be grateful for my life here.

Away from Ibiza, I am currently getting to experience some new countries and cultures, something which I really love and is a brilliant side-effect of my DJ career. The actual moving from place-to-place I’m not a huge fan of, but sampling new cultures is definitely part of the fun!

I’d love to learn more about your background – what first inspired your interest in the music and who were some of your early influences?

My biggest influence was my father Joan Tur, the founder of Ibiza Global Radio, someone I consider a hero and a real fountain of knowledge music-wise. I’ve been blessed to grow up as his daughter, really.

Sometimes I think of Ibiza Global Radio as being something of a miracle. I mean in hindsight the idea was obvious, but back when he started it that wasn’t the case at all. So I’m very blessed to have been born when I was! But I was also born into a house of love and passion, where creativity was really encouraged. Besides that, the team at the station has become a second family, continuing and receiving support from a consolidated media group and leader. Ibiza Global Radio is 14 years old this year and it’s something I’m immensely proud of being involved with since the beginning. The state is unique and has – and will continue to play – a massive part in my life. So my father was without doubt my earliest music influence, and in many ways he continues to be my biggest influence to this day.

So who are some of your favorite DJs and producers today?

An impossible question to answer properly! There are so many so I wouldn’t want to single one person out over another really. One thing I do love is helping up-and-coming artists via my label, Illusion Music Records. After all, these young talents need to start somewhere and I’m happy to be in a position where I can help them a bit. I’m generous with my time and will always help those who reach out nicely, but crucially these guys I tutor have the talent to make it too. I can’t say too much right now, but do keep an eye out for the label’s releases over the next while!

What styles & sounds do you love to play with the most?

I think I speak for a lot of DJs when I say the music I listen to at home is quite different than that I play in a club or at a festival. But if I was forced to describe the music I play in those situations, I’d probably call it a combination of deep, tech and experimental tones, often with Balearic influences. But I don’t really like putting music in boxes. As long as it moves me in some way, then we’re all good.

What are the most important things for you to communicate, or for your audience to experience when you are behind the decks?

Feeling. I want them to feel like I’m transmitting good vibes too. For me, I reckon that’s pretty crucial. If the DJ looks bored, then what’s the point?

What would you say are currently the greatest challenges of your career?

This is an interesting question. I mean, I’ve been faced with a lot of challenges, but playing alongside artists I admire can be quite tricky. Having to overcome confidence issues when they’re beside you can be difficult, and even though I’ve tried it can be hard not to be anxious in those situations. But I always try and remember that this is where I want to be and to play my set and go with the flow as I always do. Not always easy though!

What motivates you to continue?

As I said initially, passion for music and enthusiasm for the scene. The day I lose these (which is unlikely) is the day I hang up my headphones.

As an Ibiza native, what is your experience on the transitions that Ibiza has gone through?

Wow, where to start here? Well, the island has now become one of the world’s greatest attractions in terms of luxury tourism, which naturally isn’t great news for music, clubbing and culture in general.

The big problem is of course, the prices, which have been out of control for some time. Unfortunately, this level of greed is not something I see stopping any time soon. other issues such as noise limits, restrictive schedules etc. don’t help matters either. That they’re done without consulting the people who matter such as businesses affected by these measures is a fact that’s beyond a joke.

Many of these business have repped the island all their lives, and now they’re governed by people who don’t have a clue who seem to be able to make up these restrictions as they please. People are leaving the island en masse as it’s become too expensive, and Croatia and cheap flights elsewhere has begun to have a massive part to play in all this. A shame, but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming.

How do you feel about the current Ibiza scene?

Obviously what I just mentioned about the transitions the island has gone through is something I feel deeply about. On the other hand, there is a greater amount of discerning music options available on the island these days, which is of course a great thing. Besides that, there are options for all ages and tastes too. The “underground” sound is till alive and well here, so that’s a good thing at least. Fortunately I don’t see that going away.

I would love to know some of your experiences with Ibiza Global Radio TV. Do you have a favorite moment that you can share?

Honestly, every day I have to pinch myself as a result of doing what i do. Today, for example, I was recording an interview with Anane and Louie Vega and as always, we had a lot of fun doing it! Meeting different people, experiencing different cultures and discovering new music. It could definitely be worse!

What inspired you to start Illusion Music and what does it represent for you?

Simply that i need to express my own music in the best way I deem possible. That and helping new artists who I believe in. Common reasons for setting up a label, I know, but ones I definitely believe in.

What are your goals for the label and for you?

Starting from scratch hand building it into something special is definitely a goal of mine, and doing it via now unknown and obscure artists who I believe in, while also showcasing my own sound to established and new audiences.

I have two key people at my side managing it. I only deal with the music and I’m really happy with the number of applications I have to go through, which shows we must be doing something right. I wanted a humble project and one without pressure. I embrace challenges and new projects and am never bored, that’s for sure!

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