A third and “final” volume of Beyond Heaven, a collection of classic Chicago house pluggers has been published.

Almighty & Insane Books has previously done an historian’s job in preserving and publishing a couple hundred pages worth of classic Chicago house music flyers from the 1980s to early 1990s in Beyond Heaven 1 and Beyond Heaven 2. (You can check out and see some samples of our previous coverage of Beyond Heaven here and here.)

Beyond Heaven Vol 3 represents “a more recent expansion of Mario ‘Liv It Up’ Luna’s collection of Chicago house music flyers (aka pluggers) ranging from the years 1983 to 1992,” publisher Almighty & Insane Books notes.

The selection includes a number of rare and important flyers ranging from parties at the Muzic Box, Medusa’s, Sauer’s, and Rainbo with heavy hitters like Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Mr Fingers, Marshall Jefferson, Jesse Saunders, Lil Louis, Chip E and various combinations of the WBMX Hot Mix 5, to Luna’s own scene of Latino party crews, dance groups, and DJs across the Southside. Sharing the same format as the two previous, this volume once again brings you straight to the source for the who/what/when/where and visual aesthetics of the time when house music was born and took over Chicago!


Beyond Heaven’s previous editions have been very high quality print, in full color and each page is frankly worthy of framing. Here’s a sample of one spread from Volume 3:

Beyond Heaven Vol 3 from Almighty & Insane Books

Beyond Heaven Vol 3 is $20 direct from the publisher. More previews and ordering information on almightyandinsanebooks.com.