Axis Records has posted the trailer for Man From Tomorrow, the 45 minute experimental documentary about Detroit Techno pioneer Jeff Mills.

Director Jacqueline Caux is known for her artistic take on the documentary genre, which often features non-linear narratives and dazzling visual stimuli. Among her previous works is the 2007 Cycles of the Mental Machine which focused more broadly on Detroit Techno.

The film debuted in Paris earlier this month, in the United States at NYC’s Studio Museum yesterday, and the director and star will be in attendance at the next screening on February 19th in Berlin.



Man from Tomorrow (2014) is a collaborative effort between French filmmaker Jacqueline Caux and Detroit Techno icon Jeff Mills that aims to extend the boundaries of the traditional filmic portrait through a non-narrative approach, combining aesthetically unconventional images and Mills’s unreleased original music for the soundtrack.

Following the screening, the filmmaker and Mills will talk about the project, and will discuss his trajectory from co-founding the politically motivated music collective Underground Resistance to his current art practice which includes video installations, multimedia sculpture and performance.



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