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WBMX, Hot Mix 5 and Chicago House Music legend Julian “Jumpin'” Perez was cancelled from performing at My House Music Festival this past weekend amidst outrage over what he called a “stupid joke.”

The original incident happened from the stage on August 9 during Festival Cubano, held at Riis Park in Chicago.

Perez’s precise language is not clear, but social media posts from those in attendance claim that during a call-and-response segment with various Latino communities, he said something along the lines of “How do you keep Mexicans quiet? Call ICE.”

When word spread via social media, organizers of the My House Music Festival cancelled Perez’s appearance on Sunday.

“My House Music Festival is hosted for the community, by the community,” organizers said in a statement. “The Chicago House community is unmatched – we are diverse, we are loud, and we are PROUD.

“To uphold our values, Julian Jumpin Perez has been removed from tonight’s lineup.”

In an earlier video recorded after the cancellation, Perez apologized for going too far and admitted it was a stupid thing to say.

“After I said it, I was like ‘Oh… I probably shouldn’t have said that,’ because of your reaction. I said it, people laughed and then they stopped,” he said. “And then I got boo’d. Which I should have.”

Perez, who was born in Cuba and says half of his family is Mexican, further apologized on social media:

“In a time like this in our Country, we are all on edge. Especially the Mexican community, which has shown me unconditional love throughout my career. I TRULY APPRECIATE EVERY ONE OF YOU!I would never intentionally say anything to hurt anyone, especially my own people. As Hispanics or any other nationality, we make fun of our heritage at one point or another. I’ve been told ‘did you come here on a banana boat or did you swim?’ I laughed but thinking back at how many families with children drown trying to find a better life, I maybe should have been outraged. But the truth is I took it for what it was because the person that made that comment didn’t mean to offend me. With that said, my apologies are sincere and heartfelt! I made a mistake that I’m truly sorry for. In a time when we are pushed further into division, we need to come together and unite. To my Mexican family members and to every person of Mexican decent, My sincerest apologies to ALL.”

Responses were heated, as you can see in the thread here.


  1. If a Latino can’t make a joke about America’s awful immigration gestapo, WTF exactly are we doing, here??

  2. Except the joke was not about immigration, but about Mexicans specifically. It was in truly bad taste especially after ICE broke up so many families recently. People in the audience were right to boo him. Completely inappropriate. Shame as I was such a huge JJP since the WBMX days.

  3. I was there when he said it and this is how it happen.

    We were at the Cuban festival and he was like “Where my Puerto Ricans?” and people cheered, then he said “Where my Mexicans?” and people cheered. Then he said “You know how to tell where the Mexicans at? Say oh shit! there’s ICE!!!”

    Then people stayed quiet and he proceeded to say “Oh ok, so now we want to be all politically correct” he was not apologetic at all

  4. To ask “Where my Mexicans” and then insult them in that way just shows how arrogant and ignorant he is.
    It was the Festival Cubano , So guess he was feeling a little extra proud that night. Given the current atmosphere in this country with mass shootings, racist or unconscious bias towards Mexicans is a kick in the teeth and Julian “Jumpin” Perez has just further contributed to it.

  5. Julian made a mistake he shouldn’t of made that joke. But one question though, reading some of your comments here about how ICE Broke up so many families, but weren’t those people who were arrested Illegally here? If you worked and lived here Illegally YOU put your family at risk to get arrested by Immigration. Hey I am an immigrant here and I came here legally. I may not be Latino but I understand how you guys are feeling.

  6. I am a born and raised in “CHICAGO” with my proud FAMILY roots, “De MEXICANO!!!!” And I was raised with ALL da great sounds of Chicago. And one of many is of Julian Jumpin Pérez. Hot Mixes. And with great sorrow to know that he has taken to such a ignorant level!!!! It’s bad enough kids from immigrant parents are taken from them and caged up like animals and even being killed by Racist people and the President makes things extremely complicated for immigrants especially Mexican… Now a Latino ads fuel to the fire!!!! Way to go “ Julian jumping Perez”

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