Charges have been filed at long last in the murder case of two Minneapolis men whose remains were found in Eckles Township, Minnesota last February.

Police originally arrested Darren L. Stebe on February 4 2019 in connection with the case. Stebe has been held in police custody this entire time on a probation violation, though the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office indicated at the time that Stebe was the chief suspect in the disappearance and would likely be charged pending a full investigation.

The victims – Minneapolis DJ Adam Thorpe and Jason McDonough – were reporting missing and police later found their vehicle outside the Palace Casino in Cass Lake, Minnesota. Police traced their path to a mobile home in Eckles Township, and a search of the property at 6568 Highway 89 NW turned up human remains in a firepit. Those remains were later identified as the bodies of Thrope and McDonough.

On Wednesday, July 24 2019, Beltrami County Attorney David Hanson stated that Stebe will be charged with two counts of second-degree murder in the disappearance of Thorpe and McDonough. Police also announced related charges against Kristi Trisco and Daniel Linde, who will each face two felony counts of aiding an offender. Trisco and Linde are currently in custody as well.

Hanson states that Thorpe and McDonough were murdered “on or about January 28,” with the Bemidji Pioneer’s Jordan Shearer reporting that “two men could have been dead for more than a week before their remains were found Feb. 5.”

Adam Thorpe was a beloved figure in the Minneapolis electronic music scene. Minneapolis promoters HotDish paid tribute to Adam, saying the DJ “had a huge impact on HotDish and we made certain he played our very first show at First Avenue those many years ago.

“He was a Minneapolis ARCHETYPE of house music. He was a person of approachability to all of us. He put ego aside to bring people together around the music. He rocked vinyl until the clubs stopped providing decks, which was proof of his emblematic love for a culture that binds us…and its history. He is history in this city, having playing some of the earliest underground parties, always representing the core origins of house,” they wrote.


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