Superb producer and vocalist Alexander East sent us his latest project on 3345 Music with three remixers for your pleasure. The original cut is a definite floor-warmer, heavy on the synths with a smooth groove. It’s got the beat of a Deep House track, but the always-rising energy level leads me to stray away from that classification. The vocal track is amazing on this – the level of involvement is just right, definitely a great base for the remixers to expand on. Aarta’s Architects Mix has a harder beat and a different melody structure, and until the vocals dropped in, I wasn’t sure if I was listening to a remix or a completely different track. Cuts of the acapella are well-incorporated into a dirty funk environment, and while this is a big departure from the original, I dig it just the same.

Audio Soul Project (aka Mazi) lends his special blend of herbs and spices to the original and creates a slower, darker, heavier version. Deep Househeads will have no problem stepping to this bongo and handclap-infused vibe. The acapella is really showcased here among lingering synths and calm undertones. The “Selekta In My Life” remix by DJ Dennis is also dark and moody with lots of bleeps and sweeping effects. The vibe is classic House and the vocals tell a different story here. Finally we have a remix by Mr. East himself that transforms the original into a slowed-down broken beat with a nasty guitar riff and mildly epic synthesizer layers. If you’re down with the eclectic tunes, don’t ignore this one. This is a great release; I’d recommend it to any Deep House guys looking for new material.