frankie knuckles

Eric Kupper and Frankie Knuckles’ first met in 1989, when Eric was hired to do keys on David Morales’ remix of “Tears.” That chance meeting in Arthur Baker’s Shakedown Studios in New York would lead to years of friendship and collaboration (most notably, “The Whistle Song”), codified as the remix and production duo “Director’s Cut” over the final years of Frankie’s life.

Today Eric has announced the release of the definitive collection of Director’s Cut material as a new album, beginning with a single release of their remix of FK and Jamie Principle‘s classic “Baby Wants To Ride.” Though the album isn’t due until the Spring, their “Re-Directed” mix of “Baby Wants To Ride” will be released on vinyl February 1 2019 and digital on February 15 2019 via Sosure Music.

The track features re-recorded vocals by Jamie with a B-side, vinyl-exclusive edit by Jimmy Edgar – the first official release of a tribute remix made after Frankie’s death in 2014.

“They say you’re only as good as your last record. They’re right. You constantly have to up your game and reinvent yourself,” Eric told me in an interview about Director’s Cut and working with Frankie in the last years of his life. “And the truth is that you never know what is going to be a hit. ‘The Whistle Song’ is a classic example of that. We had no idea it was going to become what it did. We thought it was kind of cute.”

Both the single and the album are official releases and The Frankie Knuckles Foundation will receive half of the profits from the project.


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