Dance music pioneer Paul Oakenfold has played at the Great Wall of China, at Mount Everest and now plans to find out the question that has baffled boffins and Nigel Tufnel alike: who really built Stonehenge?

Oakenfold has announced a special one-off gig at Stonehenge, according to NME. The show will be before a limited audience of 50 and recorded, with the proceeds going to English Heritage.

“I am so lucky to be able to share my music from such an iconic site,” Oakenfold said in a statement quoted by NME. “The energy there will be like nowhere else on earth, and this will be reflected in my music and performance. Despite having performed at incredible events and locations across the globe, sunset at Stonehenge will be the most magical.”

The CD will be called Live at Stonehenge and the show itself will take place at some date in the Autumn (the date is allegedly “confirmed” but not announced). Any guest performances are unknown, but you know who we’re rooting for:

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