Do live instruments make a difference? They certainly do on “Kisses,” the lead track from Chicago’s Aathee on their 25th release.

This is not unprecedented of course – live instruments and live trumpet in particular has been staple of forward-thinking deep house acts for years, and Aathee themselves have jammed with the featured player here, TomCat, before. But that gentle sway and seemingly instinctual feedback exchange between musician and producer creates a track bigger than the sum of its parts. Listen up:

Kisses is the lead track from Besos, a two track release by Aathee featuring TomCat Trumpet out now. Get it on Beatport.


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Artist: Aathee and TomCat Trumpet
Title: Kisses (From Besos EP)
Label: Aathee
CAT: AE025
Release Date: December 2019