Mad for every minute of this. Club of Jacks tee up four tracks of secret speakeasy vibes on the Infinity EP. “Dreamin” is a deep house wonder weapon whose primary function is blowing up the room and secondary is to make you wonder how you lived so long without this in your bag. There are three more that come from the same mother: the soul-with-strings and organ bliss of “The Rush,” the midtown loft party music of “Move To The Groove” and the sophisticated deep house of the title track.

Here’s a challenge: pick one record for a DJ set of one hour and you have to play all four tracks from it: what do you pick? This is the I’d reach for:

The big issue: this is vinyl only and word got out but quick: there are hardly any copies left to sponge up (likely many were gobbled up by pre-orders on Juno, which did the P&D). Best bet is to try the sellers (who have about ten listed for sale) on

Club of Jacks: Infinity EP (Club of Jacks) Track Listing
A1. Club of Jacks: “Dreamin'” (6:19)
A2. Club of Jacks: “The Rush” (6:02)
B1. Club of Jacks: “Move To The Groove” (6:35)
B2. Club of Jacks: “Infinity” (6:19)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.

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