Chicago’s Circuit Church is releasing Dream_Logs, a new multimedia project from Ethereal_Interface (electronic artist Modal_Plane and visual artist Sara Goodman) coming in February 2021.

The 15 track album of spacey, synth-heavy electronic sutras will be released on cassette tape. And that’s not so rare these days — many if not most synth* and *wave labels release music in the format now, and apparently a fair amount of Discogs’ recent index growth has been from the influx of cassette listings. But the project also includes a VHS tape tape as well, plus a chapbook that is also part of the project.

Dream_Logs is a labor of love that grew out of two people having a ton of fun creating with each other who also have a shared passion for audio and visual modular synthesis, modified electronics, wavy music, and Glitch Art,” Goodman says. The project has been ongoing for several years of long-distance collaboration between Goodman (who is from Chicago) and Modal_Plane (Will Randall, from Orlando).

Some of the visuals from the VHS tape (which I have not seen) have been captured on Instagram and showcase a trippy, glitch-ridden aesthetic.

And here’s a sample from Bandcamp of the pure audio (which I have listened to in its entirety, and the full album is a vibrant, sprawling electronic canvas of live wire fuzz and melodic synths that people who dig this kind of thing will love):

Dream_Logs is out February 6, 2021 from Circuit Church; pre-order it on Bandcamp.

VHS still from Dream_Logs, via Circuit Church


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Artist: Ethereal_Interface
Title: Dream_Logs
Label: Circuit Church
Release Date: February 6, 2021


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