We have an excess of time but our attention spans don’t seem to enjoy the same inflation. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve had 50 tabs open in two browser windows since the coronavirus pandemic began and lockdown descended across the planet. A lot of them are things I intend to read “when I have a minute” (when don’t I?) and a number of them are tracks I’ve come across that seem worth saving for when the time is right, when my moods aren’t bouncing between anxiety and distraction.

“Wells Orbit (Rojava Aragon)” was one of those stashed away on the left side of the screen for better times, but it looks like they won’t get much better anytime soon. Released a week ago, this is the first of “five digital singles for 2020” from Tadd Mullinix aka JTC. “Wells Orbit (Rojava Aragon)” is exquisite techno and maybe it’s just the mood but it feels like it was made for now — distracted, fragmented, leaping from one slippery stone to the next. Rhythm imposes order the best it can, rather like a captured object settling into a stable “orbit.” Listen Up:

Wells Orbit (Rojava Aragon)” is out now from Bopside.


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Artist: JTC
Title: “Wells Orbit (Rojava Aragon)”
Label: Bopside
Release Date: April 10 2020


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