This Garage EP is not quite a VA — all of the tracks feature Orchid or Age, or Orchid featuring Age, or Age featuring Orchid.

But Eldia DUB001 is packed with solid grooves and melodies, shuffling 2 step beats and chopped up and otherwise manipulated vocals from Orchid. I think you can slam the pitch control up and down like the controls of the Star Trek transporter and it would never sound wrong. Orchid and Age’s music is really hard to get out of your head once it worms its way in there.

The A side tracks are where they’re storing the dope shit: “Wait For Me” (by Age featuring Orchid) and “Need U” (by Orchid) are deeply melodic, breathlessly exuberant and quite in love with the sound they’re making. You might be too.

Orchid / Age: Eldia DUB001 (Eldia / March 2022 / Digital)
1. Age featuring Orchid: Wait For Me (2:26)
2. Orchid: Need U (3:26)
3. Orchid featuring Age: Luv Me (4:09)
4. Age: Orange Juice (2:40)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by the label.


#JACKED: This was originally published in 5 Mag Issue #196 featuring Demuir, Ralphi Rosario, London Vibes and more. Support 5 Mag by becoming a member for as little as $1 per issue and get every issue in your inbox right away!



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