What a delight this record is. Ornaments never misses and they’re never a bore, and this time they’ve tracked Pal Joey down for a selection of cuts from the Pal Joey Music catalog “retouched” by Tokyo’s Takeshi Fukushima.

The 8 track record flows with a beautiful momentum, like a dazzling visual spectrum from the irresistible pocket jazz of the 1990 Pal Joey (as Soho) classic “Hot Music” through the buoyant soulful bends of “Freaky.”

I think Side A is the best but the good thing about vinyl is you get’em both for the same price.

Pal Joey Music Retouched by Takeshi Fukushima is out now on vinyl; digital release is October 28 2019 from Ornaments.

Photo via Ornaments.


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Artist: Pal Joey/Takeshi Fukushima
Title: “Hot Music” (Takeshi Fukushima Retouch)
Label: Ornaments
Release Date: Vinyl October 4 2019 / Digital October 28 2019