German trio Wareika have been evolving a deep, dubby and esoteric sound since first forming in Hamburg more than a decade ago. They’ve released five albums and many more singles on labels including Visionquest, Eskimo, Mule Musiq and Mobilee since 2008. Honing their sound through electrifying live performances, Wareika have achieved that elusive goal of combining acoustic and electronic music into a wild, free-flowing sound without falling into artistic obscurity or irrelevancy. It’s abstract dance music but in the way Fela could be abstract — there’s always a groove that’s been buried in each track, consciously, and it will eventually worm its way out.

Tizinabi is a full-length, 45 minute album to be released on vinyl from Ornaments. Tizinabi is cinematic, but unlike some other music to which that term is often applied Tizinabi isn’t relying on the listener’s imagination to fill in the gaps. It fills the mind and drives the mind mad with the urge to move.

“Tizinabi A” starts with a locomotive flair, fingers moving over frets and brushes over tight drums. The sound is hot-to-tape — like it was recorded in a lounge after hours for nobody but an engineer and the staff sweeping up. You can get lost in the music and they might get lost too without some kind of cosmic brain — a collective intelligence among Jakob Seidensticker, Florian Schirmacher and Henrik Raabe — directing the action on a combination of impulse and instinct.

Sometimes we say to buy two copies for the DJs. Here you’ll want at least one more for your Afrobeat loving friend, the jazz lover in your life or that guy who thinks nothing good has happened since Sun Ra returned to the cosmic foam in 1993. Whether you’re looking for this or not, you can stop. You found it: this is it.

⚪️ Tracklisting

Wareika: Tizinabi (Ornaments / 12" Vinyl/ July 21 2023)
1. Tizinabi A (10:41)
2. Tizinabi B (13:03)
3. Tizinabi C (12:41)
4. Tizinabi D (09:34)
5. Tizinabi Full LP (45:16)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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