ReeKee is a fellow we’ve written about before in connection with Ricardo Miranda – one of Chicago’s greatest unsung Deep House magicians of the last decade. The split Italia to Chicago EP by Ric and Ree (sorry) was one of my favorite records of 2018, bringing together two artists who habitually under-promise and massively over-deliver.

And that’s true here too on Second Choice, which seem like some pretty first-rate cuts to me. The EP features four tracks by ReeKee including “Another Day” which features Erik Rico (who keen ‘heads will remember from Sensation with Ron Trent on Future Vision in 2010) and a gorgeously chunky remix by the ever-soulful Patrice Scott. It’s here at the very end of the EP and the last track on this Juno clip:

Records like these – and I’m repeating this from the Italia to Chicago review – don’t grow dimmer with age. This could have been made 10 or 20 years ago and you can be sure will still be a jam 10 or 20 years into the future. There are 200 copies on wax. Jump on it.


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Artist: ReeKee featuring Erik Rico
Title: Another Day (Patrice Scott Remix)
Label: Wrong Notes
CAT: WR 005
Release Date: July 2019