Soul Clap by Bill Kennedy

Soul Clap‘s Eli and Charlie have announced a new EP as a sneak preview of the forthcoming third Soul Clap album.

The World EP was released on January 15 and serves as a telescoped lens into World Transformation Force (WTF), the highly conscious album that will be launched on Earth Day (April 22, 2021).

“As activism around climate, equality and politics has become more central to our mission, this album asks the questions WTF?” the duo said in a statement posted by Fools Gold Records. “And poses the answer World Transformation Force. It’s time for us as humans to use our music to spread a message of peace, love, unity and respect, and that is what WTF (World Transformation Force) is all about.”

World EP showcases featured performers Desmond “DSP” Powell, Life On Planets and legendary vocalist Nona Hendryx. DSP elevates “Back 2 Love” with a beautiful hook; it may be the best pure songwriting Soul Clap has ever done.

Nona lowers the lights on “What If There Was No America”:

Soul Clap’s World EP is out now from Fools Gold; pick it up on Bandcamp or stream it elsewhere.

Photo: Soul Clap by Bill Kennedy


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Artist: Soul Clap
Title: World EP
Label: Fools Gold Records
Release Date: January 15, 2021


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