Reason jumps into the subscription world with Reason+

Does the world need another subscription-based DAW? Maybe?

In the early days (and I mean the really early days) of computing, users paid for time. We’ve gone all the way around the world and back again as software companies have increasingly shifted their focus to subscription-based business models and the trend has taken root in the music production market (and, most controversially, in DJing too.)

Reason Studios have thrown their hat into the ring with Reason+, a new subscription service announced this week. Unlike Pioneer, however, Reason Studios is still offering the same one-time-buy license offered in the past alongside the new subscription plan. Reason+ is optional — for now, at least.

Reason Studios are offering up a lot of bells & whistles with a Reason+ subscription however. A subscription includes access to Reason 11 and all subsequent updates, more than 70 Reason Rack instruments, effects, and MIDI generators. They are also promising new sound packs that are being rolled out weekly with new instruments and device patches. (It also includes the Reason Rack plugin, which enables producers to use Reason’s instruments and effects in another DAW.)

The package is being offered for $19.99/month (the same in Euros), $199 for a year with the first month free and apparently 50% off if you have a Reason license through April 27, 2021.


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