#ListenUp The Southern Tap Into Some Serious Brainwave-Altering Shit on Rave on Mars

New mental techno that might melt your face in a few places.

I still believe that art has the power to alter our state of consciousness. Electronic music in particular is the most effective form of music that does the trick.

Some records manage it easier than others though, and The Southern’s “Rave on Mars” (which I’m taking as a declaration rather than a description) is a near-perfect specimen. These hypnotic loops, these dazzling drums and a bassline that drills down deep to gather up that Kundalini energy or whatever you think it is.

This is far and away the best track on the three track EP which dropped last week from Prospect Records.


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Artist: The Southern
Title: Rave On Mars
Label: Prospect Records
Release Date: February 25 2019