Ali Berger’s Phone Calls EP

10 Records You Need To Know: An auspicious debut for Firm Tracks, alternating between dazzling and celebratory techno and unrelenting Chicago beat downs.

Years ago, one of those crazy wizards that study Brian Eno with a focus that could cut diamonds gave me a simple chart to navigate Eno’s vast and largely unclassifiable discography. Buy Another Green World, he said. If you like the vocal tracks, see these other records; if you like the instrumental tracks, see these instead.

A similar compass might steer you through Ali Berger’s Phone Calls EP, which alternates between dazzling and celebratory techno (“Eve” and “Phone Calls”) and unrelenting Chicago beat downs (“Bang It” and “Untitled”). I guess I’m one of those apprentice sorcerers since I like them both. There’s a ferocity to the Dance Mania-esque “Bang It,” a jubilant anxiety to the acid-soaked “Untitled” and then a sharp hook toward the emotional “Eve” and the title track. On the whole: outstanding.

This is an auspicious debut from Firm Tracks, a new label that has this out on wax via Crosstalk.


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