Can you feel nostalgia for something you didn’t experience firsthand? I’m a big fan of the Soulful House sound of Global Soul Music (and before it Tea Party Music) and Ian Friday, but I was too young and not yet enlightened enough to appreciate it when this sound hit its peak in the ’00s. There were so many great records in this vein being released then, but the best days aren’t behind it. Songwriting, performance and sheer grooveability come together on “Angel In Disguise” by vocalist Maritri, out now by Global Soul Music.

The original mix has floated around YouTube for awhile but the Global Soul remix pack leaves nothing to be desired. Steal Vybe’s remixes are brilliant – washed out with gentle synths and pianos sidechained to a soft disco beat. Ian Friday’s “Libation” remixes are uptempo and feature a righteously mental synth solo you don’t get much flavor for in Traxsource’s previews. You can’t put this down if you’re a fan of Soulful House par excellence.