I gotta be honest: one of the things that really called me back to writing music reviews again is the resurgence of true songwriting – an honest to goodness S-O-N-G, with lyrics and substance that anyone can relate to, sing along to, and appeals to you heart & soul. The kind of song that makes the audience wanna buy it, and makes the radio stations wanna play it… And that makes GoGo Music that go-to label when you want a true song to add to your music mix. 

Such is the case with “Free (Is All I Wanna Be)”, the first single from Ralf GUM’s forthcoming third album In My City, featuring Seattle-based songstress Portia Monique. Portia’s vocal delivery is a smooth combination of soulful & jazzy, with a pinch of Hip-Hop flavor, and the harmony in her voice states that she’s no stranger to a microphone. And pairing Portia’s style with Ralf GUM’s signature soulful production is on the mark: like a live band backing up the lead singer, the way it should be. This is what a s-o-n-g is made of, and it’s what GoGo Music is made of!!



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