At some point in the past I began following this account on Bandcamp. I have no memory of it whatsoever, but I was blessed with this album popping into my inbox the way almost nothing good shows up in my inbox anymore. The three tracks on Geary are shimmering, as if from a slight damp – they feel fragile, like the slightest breath of wind might cause the entire musical architecture undergirding them to fall apart.

A drum conjures thunder and “Geary” takes flight, a kind of lo-fi, low-key gem of emotional deep techno. The chords feel like a steady but slowly drifting soundstorm, moving you along slowly according to a mysterious, interior vision. This is seriously heady music and it heads in a strange direction at the end but I’m sticking with it. “Anza” is a skanky track that follows with many of the same elements rearranged into something more focused on textures and surface beauty than the emotional roller coaster of the title track. “Parker” (probably not named after Ray Jr, which is a tragedy) is another track that packs an epic journey in a very short space. I think it’s pretty tempting for producers to get high on their own fumes and the digital era makes it easy to release 10 minutes of boring loops that go nowhere interesting and take a long time to get there. In 3 minutes, “Parker” takes you through the scenic route.

Computer Data: Geary (2^n-x records)

1. Computer Data: geary (04:39)
2. Computer Data: anza (03:22)
3. Computer Data parker (03:17)


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