Coyote Cuts: The Pack Vol 3

Coyote Cuts has brought forth more fire with their third volume of The Pack. You’ll find a wide range here from seriously soulful and deep, to tracky disco, to some funkity funknastyness. This is a wolf pack I want to run with!

There are so many great components to “Get a Feeling” by Bryan Jones. The stunner for me is the jazz piano, but you cannot deny the underplayed bassline and the soulful female vocal snippet. Everything just comes together on this one for a perfect blend of smooth, sexy and stomp.

As for Wattie Green’s track “Parlay” the primary word that comes to mind is “nasty”. I’m consistently impressed with his range being that the first song I heard of his was “Sea Lion Woman”. “Parlay” is just some fat nasty funk in the vein of Parliament and Fantastic Voyage, as well as Snoop and Dre for that hip hop flavor. Having this flow through the speakers will be like a giant magnet grabbing a hold of those asses and bouncing them up and down like some low lows on hydraulics.

Giano certainly did not use the kid gloves when it came to “Piano Jack”. This one’s straight up for the dancers. DJs have plenty of room to get creative with the long 2 minute intro and then it’s down to business with more variety on the piano licks but every one of them is bangin’. They just keep getting better and better as they go!

“Where is Fekkish” has a very epic, big room feel to me. Jeff Service has sampled Bobby Womack’s “Across 110th Street” talking about breaking out of the ghetto and the day to day fight. That song is forever connected to the movie Jackie Brown for me, one of my all time favorites.

Last but not least there is a new artist from Russia running with this pack: Buzz Compass. He’s contributed a hot tracky disco number and if this record hasn’t already shown up in Derrick Carter’s bag I’d be surprised because it has him written all over it. Whatever the venue, whatever the timeslot there is a track in this pack that will work for it!